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Posted on 28 August 2018

Source: SEAISI

 The last time that SEAISI organised a brainstorming workshop among its key stakeholders to review and map out the strategic direction of the Institute was in December 2007 when a one-day workshop was held in conjunction with the 77th meeting of the SEAISI board in Bangkok, Thailand. A total of 17 participants comprising members of the board, key committee members and senior secretariat staff attended and participated actively in the workshop.

The workshop covered various important issues such as the Institute’s vision and mission statements, its future role and goals as well as measures to improve/increase value add for its members and customers. Following the workshop, a special task force was formed to examine and formulate action plans to address the three strategic challenges identified during the workshop i.e. revenue enhancement, customer value add and institute capability.
Since then, the Institute has undergone some structural transformation as well as changes in its delivery of services. The significant developments include:
  1. The integration of the ASEAN Iron and Steel Industry Federation (AISIF) into SEAISI and the formation of the ASEAN Iron and Steel Council (AISC) within SEAISI in December 2011 to handle economic and trade matters of ASEAN member countries;
  2. The creation of a special category of membership in SEAISI called Individual Company Member (ICM) to enable the bigger companies to provide additional financial and technical support to the Institute in return for some specific privileges;
  3. The renaming of the Statistical Committee to Statistical and Economics Committee to reflect its expanded scope of activities to cover forecasting and analytical works.
  4. The revamping of the SEAISI website to deliver better industry and economic news services and to create an interactive platform for event participants; and 
  5. The publication of the Map of ASEAN Steel Industry to provide comprehensive reference to location of steel mills and plant group categorisation as well as iron ore mines and major sea ports.

The Institute has also been able to considerably improve on its revenue generating activities over the years such that it is now in a much stronger financial position.

Nevertheless, in view of the rapid changes in the industry and competitive landscape, it is felt that there is a need to take a fresh look at the strategy and roadmap of SEAISI to ensure its future relevance and sustainability. How could the Institute best meet the growing needs and aspirations of its members amidst the industry’s global challenges and its changing conditions? What are the short, medium, and long-term implications and action plans given the changing trade impact, new technology developments, industry disruptions, etc?

In light of the above, the SEAISI board decided to organise a one and a half day brainstorming workshop in Bangkok, Thailand on 1st and 2nd October 2018 to come out with a 5-year Business Plan which will contain:

1. New vision and mission and objectives statement (role and goals) based on aspiration and consensus of members.

2. Key initiatives, deliverables and activities.

3. Organisational and membership structural changes to meet objectives.

4. Plan and tools for communicating new strategy to relevant stakeholders.


With the help of a consultant, the groundwork preparation for the workshop is now in full swing. As part of the exercise, we would also like to get feedback from our members on how SEAISI can become more effective in the engagement and delivery of its services. For this, we have uploaded a simple online survey form on our website for member feedback.




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