EU to set global steel import quotas: sources

Posted on 06 July 2018

Source: Kallanish

The committee within the European Commission concerned with trade safeguards has met to discuss the probable implementation of provisional safeguard measures for the import of steel in Europe. This occurred on 5 July, Kallanish learns from sources close to the matter.

It is understood that provisional measures could be implemented from the 17-18 of July and would include a 25% tariff for all imports above a set quota, as anticipated. Contrary to the original Eurofer request, the import quotas could well be set on a global level, not specifically for each country. A source adds that the question of country quota could be addressed further going toward definitive measures, to be announced before the end of the year.

All steel products are expected to be included in the provisional measures, excluding stainless hot-rolled quarto plates, grain oriented electrical sheets and railway products. Imports of the above products decreased during the investigated period of 2013-2017, according to a confidential note by Eurofer seen by Kallanish.

The calculation of a global import quota would reduce some of the problems highlighted by traders and end-users during recent weeks. Specifically, it would address the issue of the fast-changing panorama in terms of suppliers of steel to the EU. This variation has arisen following the imposition of anti-dumping duties on a number of products and countries during the last three years.

"Heavy resistance is building up by steel users, including ACEA, the European Automobiles Manufacturers' association, in order to avoid provisional and in particular final measures," the note explains. It also mentions that the products of most concern to end-users are HRC, CRC, HDG, merchant bars and light sections. 

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