Pakistan imposes AD duties on Chinese/South African PPGI

Posted on 14 June 2018

Source: Kallanish

Pakistan has decided to impose five-year definitive anti-dumping duties of 5.36-14.24% on imports of colour-coated steel coil (PPGI) from China and South Africa. The duties will be imposed on the cfr value of the imports in ad valorem terms.

The investigation into products under HS codes 7210.7020, 7210.7090, 7212.4010 and 7212.4090, above 0.23mm in thickness, was launched twelve months ago (see Kallanish 14 June 2017).

The National Tariff Commission (NTC) says its investigation found this product is imported “… at dumped prices and is consequently causing material injury and there is also threat of material injury to the domestic industry.” The threat stems from “… likely further increase in the volume of dumped imports, idle capacities of like product in the exporting countries, inventories/excess production of like product in the exporting countries and trade defence actions taken by other countries against China steel products.”

Of the 14 Chinese exporters that provided information in the investigation, NTC picked the three largest suppliers to calculate individual dumping margin. These are Hebei Yanbo, Zhejiang Huada and Hangzhou Jurui Steel. The number of exporters “… is so large and it is impracticable to determine an individual dumping margin of all cooperating exporters/producers from China,” NTC says.

The AD rate for the cooperating exporters who were not selected in the sample from China has been determined on the basis of the weighted average of dumping margin of the three selected exporters. No South African producers provided information in response to the questionnaire.


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