Australia to continue AD investigation on Taiwanese rebar

Posted on 24 January 2018

Source: Yieh

According to the report, the Australian Anti-dumping Commission announced to terminate the investigation on imported rebar from Indonesia exporter Ispat Panca Putera PT and PT Putra Baja Deli because those enterprises were with the dumping margin less than 2%.

In the contrary, the Australian government continued conducting the investigation of anti-dumping duty on imported rebar from Greece, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia exporters excluded Ispat Panca Putera PT and PT Putra Baja Deli.

The customer tariff codes for the product involved were 7213.10.00, 7214.20.00, 7227.90.10, 7227.90.90, 7227.90.90, 7228.30.10, 7228.30.90 and 7228.60.10.                  

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