Malaysia to impose AD duties on imported cold-rolled stainless steel from several countries

Posted on 24 January 2018

Source: Yieh

Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) completed an anti-dumping investigation of cold-rolled stainless steel case factual report, found that imports from Taiwan, China, South Korea and Thailand constituted a dumping, the proposed anti-dumping duties were imposed on Taiwan manufacturers at 0% to 14.02%, 3.66% to 23.95% for China manufacturers, 0% to 7.27% for South Korean manufacturers and 22.86% to 111.61% for Thai manufacturers.

According to Malaysian customs statistics, Taiwan was Malaysia's largest source of imports. In 2015 and 2016, Malaysia imported about US$47.76 million of products (accounting for 41.15% of the total imported stainless steel in Malaysia) and US$28.63 million (39.35%).

In Malaysia, the major sources of imports were from Japan (24.15%), Finland (14.57%) and Germany (9.34%), except for Taiwan.

According to the market participants, the range of the goods involved in this case was very wide. The previous adjudication of levying high provisional anti-dumping duties amounting to 13.77~52.17% caused a considerable impact on Taiwan’s exports.

If the final adjudication confirmed the anti-dumping duty of 0% to 14.02% on Taiwan, it remained to be seen whether the negative impact on Taiwan's continued operation of the Malaysian market will be slightly reduced.                  

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