EU-28 Crude Steel Production Expanded 3.2% in November

Posted on 28 December 2017

Source: Scrap Monster

According to the monthly steel production statistics released by the World Steel Association (worldsteel), the crude steel output by the EU-28 countries recorded modest increase during the month of November this year. The regional monthly output jumped higher by over 3% when matched with the previous year. The cumulative output during the initial eleven months of the year too was up modestly by 3.8%.

The EU-28 region’s monthly crude steel output during November 2017 totaled 13.983 million tonnes (Mt), higher by 3.2% when matched with the production of 13.550 Mt recorded during the same month a year before.

Among countries in the region, Germany emerged as the single largest producer of crude steel during the month. The output by Germany recorded 4.5% year-on-year growth to total 3.485 Mt. The country had produced only 3.334 Mt in November last year. Italy, the second biggest producer increased its output by 3.3% from 2.114 Mt to 2.184 Mt over the year. France’s output dropped sharply by 8.7% over the previous year to total 1.119 Mt. The country’s output had totaled 1.314 Mt in November last year. The other major producers of crude steel during the month were Spain (1.089 Mt) and Poland (845,000 tonnes). The top five producers accounted for more than 64% of the total monthly production by the entire region.

The cumulative output during the initial eleven months of the year totaled 154.916 Mt, higher by 3.8% when compared with the production figures of 149.253 Mt in Jan-Nov ’17. The top three producers in the region were Germany (38.852 Mt), Italy (22.259 Mt) and France (14.292 Mt). The other key producers of crude steel during Jan-Nov ’17 were Spain (13.105 Mt), Poland (9.466 Mt), Austria (7.458 Mt), Belgium (7.067 Mt) and the UK (6.906 Mt).

Meantime, the output by other European countries including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey recorded sharp 10.4% jump in November. The monthly production by these countries totaled 3.388 Mt as against 3.167 Mt in November 2016. Turkey accounted for nearly 92% of the total regional output. The Turkish crude steel output surged higher by 7% year-on-year from 2.912 Mt to 3.115 Mt.

The cumulative steel output by other European countries increased by 12.6% over the previous year to 36.951 Mt in Jan-Nov ‘17. This is upon comparison with the output of 32.809 Mt recorded during the corresponding eleven months of the previous year. Turkey continued to be the leading producer with cumulative output totaling 34.163 Mt. The outputs by other countries were as follows: Serbia (1.315 million tonnes), Bosnia-Herzegovina (656,000 tonnes), Norway (553,000 tonnes) and Macedonia (264,000 tonnes). 

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