China's steel hub Tangshan lifts emergency pollution measures - government

Posted on 29 November 2017

Source: Reuters

China’s top steel producing city of Tangshan has lifted emergency measures to tackle a recent three-day bout of heavy air pollution, the city government said in a statement on Wednesday.

The measures, classified as Level 2 emergency response measures, were implemented on the afternoon of Nov. 25 and halted on Nov. 28 at 10 a.m., it said.

The steps taken included restricting the production of sintering machines at steel mills, halting the production of a range of building materials such as cement and ceramics and a ban on the mixing of concrete and spraying paint outdoors.

In addition, no natural gas furnaces or coal boilers were allowed to be used by heavy industry.

The announcement added that the city would continue to enforce measures under Beijing’s pollution campaign that started on Nov. 15 and will last until March 15.

Tangshan in northern Hebei province is one of the 28 northern cities ordered by Beijing in August to draw up plans to thin traffic and reduce industrial activity to reduce pollution.

The city produces nearly 100 million tonnes of crude steel a year, more than the United States, and is routinely listed among China’s 10 smoggiest cities.

The city government said last month it would halve its iron production capacity from mid-November until mid-March to fight the winter smog. 

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