US Commerce Department Initiates Investigations on Imports of Forged Steel Fittings

Posted on 17 November 2017

Source: Scrap Monster

The Commerce Department has initiated antidumping duty investigations of imports of forged steel fittings from China, Italy and Taiwan and a countervailing duty investigation of imports of those fittings from China.

The Commerce Department reported the dumping margins to be 18.66 to 80.2 percent for Italy, 116.17 percent for Taiwan, and 142.72 percent for China.

The subsidy rate for China is above de minimis, according to the agency.

The department is expected to issue its preliminary determinations in the antidumping investigations by Dec. 29 and in the countervailing duty investigation by March 14. Preliminary determinations in all of the cases from the International Trade Commission are expected by Nov. 20.

Courtesy: AIIS 

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