Global BFI Output Expanded Marginally in August

Posted on 27 September 2017

Source: Scrap Monster

The latest production data published by the World Steel Association (worldsteel) suggests marginal jump in blast furnace iron (BFI) output by world countries during the month of August 2017. The output increased marginally by nearly 0.64%, rising from 101.821 million tonnes (Mt) in July to 102.472 Mt in August this year. Based on output figures from 39 countries that accounted for 99% of the world blast furnace iron production in 2015, the cumulative output during the initial eight months of the current year totaled 800.722 Mt.

The leading producer of blast furnace iron during the month was the Asian region. The production by the Asian countries totaled 80.144 Mt, accounting for more than 78% of the world output. The monthly production recorded slight increase when matched with 79.46 Mt production recorded during the month before that. Among various countries in the region, China continued to remain as the top BFI producer. The output by the country totaled 62.61 Mt, slightly higher when compared with the previous month output of 62.07 Mt. The other key producers were Japan (6.68 Mt), India (5.38 Mt), South Korea (4.23 Mt) and Taiwan (1.25 Mt).

The North American BFI output totaled 2.760 Mt, increasing marginally from 2.759 Mt during the prior month. The US output increased slightly from 1.856 Mt to 1.860 Mt. The Canadian production stood at 540,000 tonnes, followed by Mexico with 360,000 tonnes. The cumulative BFI output by the North American countries during the initial eight-month period of the current year totaled 22.27 Mt.

The EU-28 region recorded an output of 7.797 Mt during August this year, dropping marginally when compared with the output of 7.960 Mt recorded during the month before that. The leading producers of the region were Germany (2.45 Mt), France (941,000 tonnes), Austria (532,000 tonnes), the Netherlands (525,000 tonnes), the UK (463,000 tonnes), and Poland (450,000 tonnes). The cumulative BFI production by the EU-28 countries during Jan-August ’17 totaled 62.736 Mt.

South America recorded 4.6% jump in blast furnace iron output in August 2017. The production by the region totaled 2.702 Mt during the month. Brazil accounted for bulk of the production by the region. Brazil’s BFI output totaled 2.435 Mt, accounting for over 90% of the regional production during the month. The other major BFI producers from South America were Argentina (189,000 tonnes), Chile (60,000 tonnes) and Colombia (15,000 tonnes).

The CIS region reported total output of 7.040 Mt in August. The top producer in the region was Russia, whose monthly production totaled 4.90 Mt. The combined output by the region during Jan-August ’17 totaled 55.851 Mt. The BFI monthly output by the Oceania region totaled 363,000 tonnes, whereas the cumulative output during the first eight months of the year totaled 2.93 Mt. 

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