Dongkuk Steel Reaches Milestone of Producing 10 Million Tons of Color Steel Sheets

Posted on 03 March 2017

Source: Business Korea

Dongkuk Steel Mill reached cumulative production of 10 million tons of color steel plates. The company produced cold-rolled products for the first time at its Busan Ironworks in 1967, and recorded cumulative production of 10 million tons on February 22 in 45 years after the start of color steel sheet production in 1972.

Dongkuk Steel is securing outstanding competitiveness in all aspects of the color steel sheet sector including technology, patents, and product portfolios by means of continuous R&D and investment.

At the end of last year, the addition of 9CCL earned Dongkuk Steel Mill’s Busan Ironworks eight color steel lines. As a single color steel plate factory, Busan Ironworks has the world's largest production capacity of 750,000 tons.



Dongkuk Steel Mill has positioned itself as the first color steel sheet company in Korea to be able to produce all types of color steel plates demanded by customers as 9CCL empowered the company to produce steel and aluminum wide rolled steel plates for the first time in Korea.

On the other hand, Dongkuk Steel is leading the world market with its premium color steel plate brand “Luxsteel” for architectural and exterior use, and “Appsteel,” a color steel plate brand for home appliance, both of which were selected as world-class products last year and the steel industry’s first design team. 

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