EPF cuts stake in MAHB by 7.9% in less than a year

Posted on 05 July 2016

Source: The Edge

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has reduced its stake in Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) by 7.9% from 223.3 million shares as at end of September 2015 to 205.6 million shares on June 29, 2016.

With 205.6 million shares, the EPF still has a substantial holding in MAHB with 12.39%. This was a reduction as compared to Sept 29, 2015, where the fund held a 13.46% stake in MAHB.

According to a filing with Bursa yesterday (July 4), the EPF acquired 1.22 million shares of MAHB and disposed MAHB in three tranches for a total of 1.62 million shares. The three tranches were in 1 million shares, 161,900 shares and 454,100 shares. The transaction price was not disclosed in the announcement but on June 29, 2016, MAHB was trading between RM5.97 to RM6.40 and closed lower at RM6.10, compared to its previous day's closing of RM6.34. 

The reduction in the EPF’s stake was seen by looking at the historical ownership based on the announcement on Bursa.

As at end-September, 2015, the EPF had 223.3 million shares of MAHB or 13.46% and was reduced to 218.8 million shares or 13.19% as at end-December, 2015. As at end of quarter 1, 2016 (1Q16), EPF’s stake in MAHB reduced to below 13% with 210.2 million shares of MAHB or 12.67%.

The announcement yesterday means that its holding on the end of second quarter 2016 (2Q16) was further reduced to 12.39% stake or 205.6 million shares. It will be interesting to see as to whether EPF’s stake will continue to be reduced, moving into quarter three this year.


MAHB’s share price has a 52-week range of between RM4.22 to RM6.97. Compared to a year ago, the share price has fallen by 5.6%, but has risen by 8.73% year-to-date to RM6.11 as of 11.15 a.m. today.

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