China's steel export to ASEAN in 2015

Posted on 08 March 2016

Source: SEAISI
China’s total steel export to the world registered 112.4 million tonnes in 2015, an increase of 20% y-o-y. Around 30% of the total steel export was to ASEAN- 6 countries, an increase of 33% y-o-y.

China’s bar export to ASEAN registered 12 million tonnes or 38% of total China’s total steel bar export in 2015. The amount was a significant increase of 78% y-o-y. According to the record from China Customs, the bulk of the product came out in the form alloyed bar.

Indonesia was the biggest recipient of bar export from China, absorbing almost 3 million tonnes, an increase of 94% y-o-y, followed by Philippines, at 2.8 million tonnes, an increase of 44% y-o-y. Exports to Thailand and Vietnam registered around 1.5 million tonnes each. However, the volume to Vietnam was a big jump from 380,000 tonnes in 2014 or an increase of four folds. Thailand also saw its bar import from China doubled in volume when compared to 2014.

Export of bar to Malaysia also registered a significant growth rate of 86% y-o-y to 1.1 million tonnes. Meanwhile, export to Singapore grew at a slower rate of 18% y-o-y, but the volume was still significant, at 1.9 million tonnes.

Wire rod export from China to ASEAN registered a total of 5 million tonnes in 2015, an increase of 16% y-o-y. Similar to bar export, most of the wire rod exports from China to ASEAN were recorded as alloyed wire rod. Export to Vietnam registered the highest volume in the region, at 1.3 million tonnes, an increase of 33% y-o-y, followed by export to Thailand, at 1.26 million tonnes, a moderate increase of 4% y-o-y. Export to Indonesia stagnated at 590,000 tonnes.

China’s Wire rod (alloyed) export to Malaysia in 2015 registered the highest growth rate of 56% y-o-y to 847,000 tonnes. Export to Philippines rose by 4% y-o-y to 635,000 tonnes in the same period. Export to Singapore registered the lowest volume of 425,000 tonnes, an increase of 9% y-o-y.

The third highest item of steel export from China to ASEAN in 2015 was hot rolled coil/sheets. The volume reached 4.2 million tonnes, an increase of 90% y-o-y. The majority of the exports were recorded as alloyed HRC. The biggest destination for (alloyed) HRC was Vietnam, at 3.2 million tonnes (80% of total export to ASEAN), and the volume represented an increase of 24% y-o-y.

Meanwhile,the export volume of HRC to other countries in ASEAN-6 was more moderate. Export to Thailand registered 205,000 tonnes, a decline of 17% y-o-y. Export to Singapore declined substantially from 68,000 tonnes in 2014 to 5,000 tonnes in 2015, and export to Philippines also dropped by 57% y-o-y to 156,000 tonnes. On the other hand, export to Indonesia increased by three folds, to 155,800 tonnes. Export to Malaysia increased by 40% y-o-y to 177,000 tonnes.

Export of hot dipped galvanized sheet from China to the region registered 1.8 million tonnes in 2015, an increase of 36% y-o-y. Major destination in the region was Vietnam. Export to Vietnam registered 786,000 tonnes, a two fold increase when compared to 2014. Export to Thailand increased by 24% y-o-y to 464,000 tonnes, followed by the export to Philippines, at 342,000 tonnes, a decline of 7% y-o-y. Meanwhile, exports to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore registered smaller volumes of less than 100,000 tonnes each.

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