Steel price report as of March 15, 2013

Posted on 15 March 2013

China’s Steel Prices


-       Q235 5.5mm HRC prices down by Yuan 60/mt to around Yuan 3,830-3,860/metric ton ($616-621/mt) with 17% VAT in Shanghai – source: SBB

-       Commercial-grade HRC (4.5-12mm) in Shanghai traded at 3,930-3,960 yuan ($626-631) per tonne during the day, down 40-60 yuan per tonne from Monday – source: MB


-       Beijing spot prices for 18-25mm diameter HRB400 rebar sourced from Hebei Iron & Steel (Hegang) dropped Yuan 30/metric ton ($5/mt) on the day and Yuan 80/mt so far this week to about Yuan 3,570-3,580/mt ($574-576/mt) with 17% VAT on March 14 – source: SBB

-       In Beijing, grade III rebar traded at 3,570-3,630 yuan ($569-578) per tonne, down 20 yuan per tonne from Monday – source: MB


Steel Prices in other countries


-       Average prices of Japanese H2 scrap in Kanto, Central and Kansai region were at 32,625/ton in the second week of March, remaining flat from a week ago - Yieh


-          Billet import prices dipped by $10/metric ton in Southeast Asia. Billet cargoes ex-Black Sea are being offered at $565/mt CFR SE Asia, down from bookings at $575/mt CFR Indonesia in late-February – source: SBB

-          Japanese billet was offered at $580/mt CFR Indonesia, down from $570-590/mt CFR in second-half February – source: SBB


-          Gerdau Long Steel North America followed the price move, announcing in a letter to customers its own net $25-per-ton rebar price increase, and other mills were expected to follow suit – source: MB

-          Locally-traded European rebar prices are at €480-505 ($625-658) per tonne delivered for March production, down €10-25 per tonne on last week’s €505-515 – source: MB


-          Indian domestic market for IS 2062 grade A/B structural HRC, 3mm thick and above presently average Rupees 34,000-34,500/mt ($625-635/mt) ex-works – source: SBB

-          Chinese-origin 3mm-and-up SS400B HRC stood at $565-575/mt FOB Thursday, equivalent to $605-615/mt CFR Mumbai, down nearly $50/mt over the past month – source: SBB



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