Creating a Sustainable Safety Culture at Tata Steel Thailand

Posted on 06 June 2014

Creating a Sustainable Safety Culture at Tata Steel Thailand
Tata Steel Thailand had embarked on SEJ (Safety Excellence Journey) in 2010 to create a sustainable Safety culture in the organization. The overall framework was aligned with the guiding principle of World Steel Organization but with key focus on behavioral Safety. The key aspects of Safety Excellence Journey has been summarized as follows ?Safety Observations: Changing the mindset of the people the way they look in their surroundings. ?Safety Communication: Sensitizing the importance of Safety with visuals and multiple means. ?Safety Investigations: Deep dive analysis to trigger what could have been done better, parallel deployment of such learning's across all locations. ?Risk Mitigation: Identifying the fatality potential conditions and immediate mitigation through effective counter measures. ?Safety Training: New methodology to identify the current need based on observations, Design of suitable modules and cascading and regular effectiveness assessment. ?Contractor Management: Deeper engagement with the contractor employee with regular joint assessment. ?Standards Implementation: Developing the relevant standards and taking full buy in through specific training to the target group relevant to those standards ?Walk the Talk: Role model leadership at every level to show the right and safe way. Safety Excellence Journey has created a long lasting positive impacts to each individual and they are more concerned towards their responsibility to create a better tomorrow for all of us. 2012 SEAISI Seminar



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