Using Risk Assessment (RA) System to Identify High Risk

Posted on 06 June 2014

Using Risk Assessment (RA) System to Identify High Risk
In NatSteel, we believe that all accidents are preventable. As a stakeholder, we take responsibility in the safety and well-being of our employees. The Risk Assessment (RA) methodology is the process of identifying the hazards ssociated in the workplace and assessing the risks associated to these hazards. Through this process, we are able to evaluate the risks of the work activities and focus on those with potential to cause serious harm, injuries and fatalities. Risk Assessment is performed through a detailed examination and identification of all the hazards present at the workplace, and assessing if there are sufficient precautions taken to reduce or eliminate these risks. It is a continuous process which is conducted whenever there is a change in personnel, process, new equipment, and after an incident/accident has occurred. This ensures that all existing practices and they associated risks are evaluated and managed adequately. Using the Risk Assessment methodology, NatSteel was able to undertake necessary corrective and preventive measures to control, reduce or eliminate all high risk activities. One such area of activity was Working-At-Height (WAH), which was identified as one of the top risks within NatSteel. A WAH Task Force was formed as part of the safety action plan to tackle this issue. Initiatives undertaken by the taskforce included a review all WAH activities to identify the risk potential for fall from height incidents, assessment of the effectiveness and adequacy of existing Risk Assessment and Standard Operating Procedures, as well as the correction of noncompliances and the enforcement of safety procedures. Risk Assessment is simple, systematic and effective tool to derive an accurate analysis of the associated hazards and risks in the workplace. NatSteel has reaped the benefits of implementing the risk assessment system, which enables the company to focus on minimising risks and controlling hazards, and keep track of the sources of risk which can hamper the health and the well-being of the workers.2012 SEAISI Seminar


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