Posted on 08 February 2013

Over the years Paul Wurth has gathered vast experience in the treatment of steelmaking residues. A variety of residues have been studied at pilot and industrial scale based on the application of Paul Wurth proprietary technologies. One of the last developments was the adaptation of conventional electric arc furnace for reducing and melting process. This special designed reactor, named i-Meltor?, can be used either combined with a pre-reduction unit (multiple hearth furnace in case of the Primus? process or rotary hearth furnace in case of the RedSmelt? process), or applied alone. When used in a single step process, it enables the recycling of various types of ferrous or non-ferrous by-products generated by the metallurgical industry in an environmental friendly way. Another recent development is the PLD (Paul Wurth Lhoist Deoiling) process. It consists of deoiling of oily sludge and mill scales from rolling mill plants by means of an innovative low temperature and auto-thermal process using lime. PLD process was developed by Paul Wurth and Lhoist, a leading producer of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide based chemicals. A combination of exothermal chemical reactions and a controlled oxidation process enables the complete destruction of the hydrocarbons contained in the oily sludge and the recovery of premium iron ore, ready to be re-used in the sinterplant. Thanks to an appropriate cleaning system, the off gases are purified according to lowest emission limit. 2010 SEAISI Seminar



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