The Occupational Health Management in Coal Chemical Plant

Posted on 08 February 2013

The Occupational Health Management in Coal Chemical Plant
Coal chemical plant is a typical chemical plant in an integrated steel-making factory which purifies raw coke oven gas and offers it to downstream processes for fuel. In the process of purification, coal chemical plant collects coal tar, light oil and sulfur, and provides the downstreams for further use. Besides hazards such as heat, noise and dust in iron-making processes in the steel plant, employees who work in coal chemical plant are exposed to several kinds of potential chemical hazards like benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid , and so on. Therefore, the occupational health management in coal chemical plant is very important and needs to be considerate. This article mainly introduces the practice of occupational health management that includes information systems of hazardous materials information processing, monitoring and physical examination tracing to achieve efficient management by P-D-C-A principle. Administrative and engineering control improvement measures are carried out to reduce employees' exposure. Finally, managing effects were confirmed by the results of workplace surveillance, medical examination and some occupational health research projects results in coal chemical plant over the years. 2010 SEAISI Seminar



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