Posted on 08 February 2013

Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate , Rayong Province , Thailand where The Siam Construction Steel Co., Ltd. ( SCSC ), a part of Tata Steel (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd. is located , has recently been announced as highly environmental restricted control area , primarily due to the existence of petrochemical complex there. As a part of plants in this industrial estate , it is necessary for SCSC to continuously improve the environmental conditions to comply with such restricted conditions. Wherever possible SCSC will try our best to accomplish the environmental control even better than the requirements. With higher stringent environmental control regulations at Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate , SCSC needs to improve all environment concerns covering air pollution (dust emission), water drainage , waste management , etc. The environmental improvements have been basically focused on the followings ; -Re-engineering and improvement of 2 fume plants to ensure that no dust emission impact our community. -Re-routing of water drainage from SAT (Sanitary Aeration Tank) in rain drainage system to be zero discharge. -Waste management for slag generated from EAF operation. -Mill scale usage as metallic raw material. -EAF dust management. -Other wastes such as dirt & soil from scrap yard , sludge from water treatment plant. The accomplishment from this continuous improvement had led SCSC to be the company that has certified ISO9000 , ISO14000 , ISO18000 and in 2010 received 2nd year continue green star award (best practice in environmental control) from Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT). In addition, SCSC had received CSR award on “ Protection and estoration of the Natural Environment” from Department of Industrial Work , Ministry of Industry as well. Last but not least, SCSC is now planning to reduce the Sox, NOx and CO2 emission through the conversion of heavy oil to natural gas in the reheating furnace in year 2011 which will contribute to the global warming concern that is one of the Tata Steel Group's commitment. 2010 SEAISI Seminar



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