Ternium Argentina awards SMS group FAC for successful upgrade of gas cleaning plants

Posted on 21 November 2018

  Ternium Argentina, based in San Nicolas, Argentina,
has awarded SMS group the final acceptance
certificate for the upgraded BOF gas cleaning plants
at its San Nicolas works.
As part of a planned increase in the production
capacity of the three 190-ton converters, the gas
cleaning plants, installed in the 1970s, were upgraded
to the state of the art and now provide far more
efficient cleaning results. Offgas emissions were
reduced to below 25 mg/Nm³; the legal limit is 50
Cesar Alejandro Parisi, Ternium Argentina, Head of
Plant Development Department for Hot Rolling Mill
and Steelplant:
“This upgrade of our gas cleaning plants means we
are ideally equipped to meet the environmental
challenges of the future. The performance of SMS
group’s environmental technology comes up to and
even exceeds our expectations.”
For the revamp of the three scrubbers, SMS group
supplied key components as well as two main induceddraft fans for gas cleaning. The venturi throat,
developed by SMS group, features a new type of
nozzle geometry and arrangement, which ensures
extraction of a larger quantity of dust particles.
The scope of supply also included the measuring
technology for the venturi scrubber and the whole gas
cleaning plant, including the cooling stack, as well as
the supervision of the erection work and

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