Resource Integration at CSC

Posted on 08 February 2013

Resource Integration at CSC
Resource Integration at CSC Kuan Nan Lin 1 Chung Kang Road, Hsiao Kang, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C Abstract Located in Kaohsiung Linhai Industrial Park, China Steel Corporation (CSC), the only integrated steel mill in Taiwan, is considered one of the biggest by-products producers and receivers. CSC has accomplished the goal of zero waste thought 7 million residues are generated every year. This accomplishment is based on the cooperation with industries inside/outside the Park, through the incoming-producing recycling of the by-products. Besides, as being a integrated mill, which has great capability of recycling, CSC receives a variety of by-products from other plants as raw materials, assisting the Government and partners dealing with waste problems. Hence, being the hub of the network of materials exchanges and resource integration, CSC has made its Park as the Kalundborg in Taiwan, and become one of the most sustainable mills in the world. In this article, the industrial symbiosis network centered at CSC and some representative cases are presented. 2011 ESCO Seminar


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