Selected as one of the best carbon disclosure companies

Posted on 24 September 2012
Entered the top 10% in the leadership index of 500 global companies? Only steel company worldwide

POSCO was selected as a leading company in carbon disclosure by the Carbon Disclosure Project, a global climate change evaluation organization.

In an evaluation on 500 companies globally, POSCO was ranked in the top 10% of the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI), making it the only steel company worldwide to do so.

The CDLI is an index measuring how well a company manages data relating to climate change, understands climate change related issues, and discloses such information.

POSCO has been disclosing the company`s climate change response plan and environment management transparently and in detail since 2010 to all stakeholders including investment institutions which relate it to investment value, and corporate environment credit evaluation organizations through the POSCO Carbon Report and company website.
Meanwhile, POSCO has been proactively participating as a working group of Korea in the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) to establish a standard climate change report for companies starting this year.

The CDP committee was commissioned in 2003 by 655 financial investment institutions with operations of 78 trillion USD, and has been publishing a report evaluating climate change issue response, related governance structure, risks and opportunities, strategies, greenhouse gas emissions, and communication of major listed companies worldwide.

The CDP committee noted that companies with high CDLI, in other words, companies that have received high scores in carbon information disclosure from 2006 to 2012, have a marked total return of 67.4%, more than twice that of the total 500 global companies which is 31.1%.

Meanwhile, in this year`s CDP, eight companies including Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, LG Chemicals, and Shinhan Group were included in the evaluation pool in addition to POSCO, while Samsung Electronics and POSCO were included in the CDLI. Fifty-one companies were included in this year`s CDLI, with Bayer, Nestle, BASF, and BMW in the top rankings.

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