Baosteel initiated steel making waste recycling method: waste sludge for landfill posts on the converter

Posted on 18 June 2012

Will industrial refuse once for underground landfill now turn to essential materials for steel production? Yes, this is another breakthrough of Baosteel promoting environmental management! By independent research and processing trials conducted by suppliers, Baosteel initiated the effective way of processing the industrial refuse for landfill - dolomite mud cake into usable material, as a successful alternative of protection charge material during the converter steel production. This is no precedent in the industry, which not only promotes the recycling of resources, but also saves the industrial refuse disposal costs. Recently, the pioneering work has been overall extended application in plants directly under Baosteel.

Dolomite mud cake is the waste generated during the steelmaking roasting production, considering dust pollution probably caused, Baosteel used to take landfill disposal. In recent years, Baosteel relevant departments makes intensive research on various wastes to explore their further recyclable value, since the landfill reduced and the disposal difficulty increased, dolomite mud cake has become one of the key research items. Last year, led by Baosteel materials and equipment department, during the study on dolomite mud cake, Baosteel relevant departments on production, marketing, and research found the breakthrough of its recycling, and organized the research team to carry out intensive composition analysis and discussion on technology manufacture feasibility scheme. After establishing the scheme, suppliers with production space and equipment conditions and suitable location were selectedfor processing test, and finally the outcome which the meet the requirements of all the production technology for the converter steel protection charge materials has been successfully produced - dolomite mud cake pellet, and passed the test of converter production.

What is the difficulty on dolomite mud cake recycling? First is manufacturing technology, followed by the production application technology. On manufacturing, Baosteel initially developed the technology to solve problems for suppliers, successfully developing the special 'additives' for processing and mastering the key technology of dolomite mud cake pellet'; on production application, Baosteel steel making plant production technicians formed the composition, strength technical standards on dolomite mud cake pellet by the physiochemical properties test and converter test, and established its relevant processing technology system for mass production application. In addition, the relevant departments explored and established relevant logistics and transportation, sales, procurement standards and procedure which achieved dolomite mud cake pellet to sell and purchase in quantitative according to demands.

How much is the value of dolomite mud cake recycling? According to summary report and cost estimation report of dolomite mud cake small amount recycling test issued by the relevant departments: based on the calculation of dolomite mud cake disposal costs and estimated disposal volume in 2012, the annual disposal cost reduction can reach $ 8.1 million.

By now, Dolomite mud cake has become another Baosteel industrial byproduct, meanwhile, after the transfiguration of dolomite mud cake pelletsuccessfully entered into procurement List of Baosteel materials and equipment department.

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