Baotou Steel improves environmental performance

Posted on 15 April 2010

In 2009, Baotou Steel produced 10.07 mmt of crude steel. This is the first time that Baotou Steel produced more than 10 mmt. The company's environmental performance has also improved significantly.


According to its company report, Baotou Steel's crude steel production increased by 2.3% while total energy consumption declined by 0.3% to 7.22 mmt (coal equivalent) in  2009. This suggests its composite energy intensity went down by 20 kgce/tonne, to 717 kgce/tonne of crude steel.


Thanks to the full operation of its two Combined Cycle Power Plants, gas emissions from the coke ovens, blast furnaces and converters were significantly decreased. The recycling rate of converter gas in 2009 increased to 82.2 m3/tonne from 46.0 m3/tonne of crude steel in 2008. This suggests a total increase of 373 million m3 in gas recycling.


Water use was also reduced. In 2009, Baotou Steel outsourced a total of 85.66 mmt of freshwater from the Yellow River compared to 93.44 mmt in 2008. Reuse of reclaimed water increased by 2.27 mmt to 38.08 mmt. Freshwater intensity in 2009 declined to 6.72 m3/tonne from 6.95 m3/tonne in 2008 while the recycling ratio of waste water posted a record high of 94.5%.



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