Benxi Steel sets environmental targets

Posted on 15 April 2010

China's 13th largest steelmaker Benxi Steel has set its environmental targets for 2010. Following significant improvement in 2009, Benxi Steel's top management decided to advance further in environmental performance.

The company will carry out several environmental projects in 2010. The proposed projects include upgrade of its electrical systems, introduction of technology for coal moisture control, heating system renovation, thermal powdering approach for steelmaking slag, reuse of sludge for pelletising, two coke dry quenching facilities and four power generators. Its four power generators use waste heat from the sinter machine, steam from the converter and heating furnace, Combined Cycle Power Generation and a fifth Top Recovery Turbine.

Benxi Steel expects to reduce its composite energy intensity to 709 kgce/tonne (hopefully 700 kgce/tonne) of steel in 2010. This is a 15 kgce/tonne reduction compared to 2009.

Freshwater intensity is expected to be lowered to 4.3 m3/ tonne of steel. The emission rate of blast furnace gas should be reduced to 8% or less. The recycling rate of converter gas should be higher than 75 m3/tonne of steel. The company aims to generate 1.78 billion Kwh of electricity, with 30 million Kwh to be sold to external users in 2010.

The management has a detailed action plan. Most key environmental aspects are covered, including a training programme on measurement and statistical practice for energy use. A new energy control centre is also on the agenda.

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